SCPITC in Action

Cutler Jewish Day School (CJDS) is SCPITC’s Demonstration Site. CJDS is currently the only early care and education program in the state where you can observe SCPITC’s Six Essential Policies in action! 

To become a Demonstration Site, an early care and education program must first complete the SCPITC Service Plan that includes monthly training and coaching, and must then commit to implementing SCPITC’s Six Essential Policies. Demonstration Sites receive an annual grant to support their implementation of the Six Essential Policies, as well as marketing efforts.

Demonstration Sites must agree to provide tours to families and other child care providers and share information about the Six Essential Policies, and will receive ongoing support from one of SCPITC’s Infant/Toddler Specialists.

Interested in becoming an SCPITC Demonstration Site? Email