Help keep babies safe.

Use the ABCs of Safe Sleep for every baby and every sleep.

nothing else in the crib

babies should sleep on their backs

in a crib

What makes a Sleep Safe SC environment?

Use a firm, flat, and level CPSC-certified crib mattress, covered only by a fitted sheet. Nothing else should be in the crib except an unattached pacifier.
Use a wearable blanket (a sleepsack) to keep the baby warm without loose blankets in the crib. Avoid letting the baby get too hot, and keep the baby’s head and face uncovered during sleep.
Always place babies on their backs to sleep.
NO objects, toys, pacifier clips, or other items should be in the crib.
Do NOT use heart, breathing, motion, or other monitors.
Give babies plenty of “tummy time” when they are awake and you are watching them.


Our second statewide child care designation launched in January 2024!

Five Commitments
Programs that are awarded the designation have made the following commitments:
  1. Attend the Sleep Safe SC training provided by SCPITC. All program staff who may care for infants must attend the training.
  2. Create a Safe Sleep policy that states the importance of using Safe Sleep practices, lists the ABCs of Safe Sleep, lists items that are prohibited in cribs, and includes a commitment to use the ABCs of Safe Sleep for every baby and every sleep. Share this commitment with all staff (include in staff handbook, in new staff orientation, etc.).
  3. Inform families about the importance of Safe Sleep with all enrolled and prospective families through various modes of communication (e.g., share information when parents first tour the program, include information in newsletter, display Sleep Safe SC posters in the infant rooms, provide prospective parents with Safe Sleep information, etc.). The Safe Sleep Policy must be included in the Family Handbook or other enrollment packet.
  4. Remove all restrictive equipment in which babies might sleep from the infant rooms (e.g., swings, bouncy seats, etc.).
  5. Continue learning and sharing updates with staff and families on new research and best practices for Safe Sleep. Share your plan for annual safe sleep training for all staff and how you will stay up to date on Safe Sleep best practices, including resources you will use.
Designated Programs
Programs that are awarded the designation receive:
- Decal for the main entrance
- Sign to display in front of the building
- Free HALO® Sleep Sacks with the Sleep Safe SC logo to be used for infants in the program while they sleep in child care
- Sleep Baby, Safe and Snug board books for the infant room(s)
Handouts and other job aids to help program staff communicate with families and new hires about safe sleep practices
- Digital badge on the SC Child Care website
- Prominent listing on the SCPITC website
- Social media features by DSS and SCPITC
- Inclusion in the newsletter

The Sleep Safe SC Child Care Designation recognizes programs that are using best practices to keep all babies safe during sleep times. The first step in applying for the designation is to email our Sleep Safe SC Designation Coordinator who will follow up with you to share more information and schedule the training.

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